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Sandra & Luke

21.06.2024 | Lake Bled


They say you will only get all of your friends and family in one room for your wedding and your funeral – and since we are selfish and want to be there for the party, I guess we are having a wedding!

But… It definitely won’t be traditional – or whatever that means to you.

With family and chosen family living wide and far apart, the most important thing for us is for all our loved ones to meet each other. Let’s have a fabulous European summer vacation, spend some much needed quality time together, and maybe exchange some vowels and nice words in between.

What that means is:

  • We are planning a 5 day group party extravaganza
  • It is up to you how many days you want to join
  • The wedding will be the main event of the trip

Come for as short or long as you want – the important part is to be there at all 🙂


The main event is on the evening of Friday, 21 June 2024. But we will be at Lake Bled with the festivities to commence from Tuesday on. Here’s a rough schedule, to be refined along the road:

Tuesday, 18 June 2024: Arrival at Lake Bled

Wednesday, 19 June 2024: Activities & adventures!

Thursday, 20 June 2024: Relax and enjoy Slovenia

Friday, 21 June 2024: Wedding time

Saturday, 22 June 2024: Look alive


Late May 2016, we did our first road trip together as a couple – and it let us to beautiful Lake Bled, Slovenia.

About 4.5h by car from Munich, and 45mins from the country’s capital Ljubljana, the lake is a tourism magnet due to it’s beautiful water, surrounding alpine region and the rich history with many old buildings and castles around.

So, 8 years later, this will be where we finally stop living in sin (well, to some degree), and get hitched at this beautiful place.

And since we do consider ourselves royalty, the wedding will take place at the Lake Bled Castle – scroll down for a picture!

Stay tuned…

So there you go, now you have the basics that should help you click RSVP and YES down below. There is much more info to come, so bookmark this page to stay tuned on all the fun activities we are planning. We cannot wait to spend time with you all. Let’s make it a vacation to remember – for all the right reasons (but Sandra is not allowed to hire any electric vehicle on this trip).








Indecisive? Maybe these photos from Lake Bled will help…

Welcome to Lake Bled!

You can hire a boat to visit the church on the island in the middle of the lake

Lake Bled Castle – This is where the wedding will take place!

Let’s get you there


From Australia / Overseas

The closest airport is in Ljubljana (45mins drive away), but we recommend flying into Germany, as there will be more and cheaper flights, with Munich, Vienna or Frankfurt being good options.

The easiest option from Munich or Vienna is driving, with both destinations being about 4.5h drive away from Lake Bled. Remember to pay the Austrian and Slovenian road tax (vignette) when driving!

If you are flying into Frankfurt, we would recommend catching the train down to Munich and continuing your journey from there. This takes about 3 hours and will set you back about 20€ if you book early.

I know many of you are eager to book flights, but please bare in mind that flights are usually cheapest 3-4 months before the travel date. Also feel free to reach out to us for any flight or airport recommendations 🙂

From Germany / Europe

Depending on where you are travelling from, you can fly into Ljubljana Airport, which is a 45min drive away.

Alternatively, you could also catch a train to Ljubljana. Let us know your arrival day and time and we will help organise a pick up or car pool.

Another easy option is to drive, with Munich being around 4.5h away. Remember to pay the Austrian and Slovenian road tax (vignette) when driving!

You are all travel savvy, so we are sure you will figure something out – please reach out to us if you do need assistance though!


As this trip is about spending as much time with all of you as possible, we would absolutely love it if we could all stay in the same hotel or at least close together. We will be staying a quick 25mins drive away from Lake Bled in Bohinj. Lake Bled is beautiful to look at, but it can be quite touristy and expensive, so we wanted to stay somewhere that allows us all to enjoy time together in a more affordable, yet fun and entertaining accommodation.

For that reason, we have chosen the Eco Hotel Bohinj as our accomodation for the week. The hotel offers a lot of fun things to do, including its own bar, bowling alley, aqua park with not one, but two waterslides (I challenge anyone to a race!), and a private spa area that we will have to ourselves for one of the days.

We managed to get a discount for group bookings. The offer is as follows:

    • EUR 151.20 (approx. AUD 254 at current exchange rate) per room per night for a Superior Double Room incl. breakfast.
    • EUR 168.80 (approx. AUD 279at current exchange rate) per room per night for an Executive Double Room incl. breakfast.

You can reserve your preferred room type for the dates you will stay there for via their website. Please note: There is free cancellation before 10 June 2024, so reserve before 31 December 2023 and if your plans change, you don’t have to worry about cancelling it.

Here’s how to reserve your room:

  1.  Go to the hotel website
  2. Insert the dates you will stay there, the number of people and the promo code WEDDING in the search engine. The promo code is valid from 16 to 24 June 2024.
  3. Choose your preferred room type.
  4. Insert your details and your done!

If you choose not to stay with us, there are many other hotels and AirBnB options in the area. Feel free to reach out for help or suggestions – we have seen a lot of them 🙂

There will be a shuttle bus organised for the day of the wedding from the Eco Hotel Bohinj, and as many of us will come by car, we are sure we can manage to all get around the area during the week as needed.

More questions?

Let’s get them answered!

What if I can only come to the wedding day?

Boo! Just kidding, life happens and we are well aware that you can’t just drop everything for a vacation with us. Come for as long or as short as you like, we are just happy if you’re there at all! (But also: Boo!)

Can I bring my kid(s)?

Absolutely! But as we cannot be trusted to be responsible adults during this trip, please be advised that not all planned activities might be kid-friendly.

Is there a dress code?

Dress to impress, but also dress for a night of dancing. Wear whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable. We are sure you will look amazing!

What about presents?

Your presence is the only gift we need 🙂

How can I contact you guys?

You can best contact us on WhatsApp or via text or email.

Sandra: +61 487 292 141 |

Luke: +61 487 600 020 |


Please let us know if you are coming by 31 December 2023.